Sugar and Salt Scrubs - Skincare Essentials

Sugar body scrubs are popular for their exfoliating and moisturizing properties, two essential elements of any skincare routine. 

Our skin is constantly collecting a layer of dead skin cells that it will eventually release, unless of course it decides to hang around and clog pores - no fun.

The basic sugar scrub can help to exfoliate, or scrub away, that layer of dead skin, leaving the healthy glow behind that we all seek; however, why stop at a basic scrub when there are so many other desirable effects we can achieve for our skin with the addition of a few key ingredients?

What else does your skin crave?

Natural botanical oils, skin softening shea butter can create a powerful moisturizer 

Genmaicha, Japan's accidental tea, a super brew of green tea leaves and rice can pack a punch with antioxidants.

Essential oils and botanicals like  Lemongrass, Key Lime Zest, Verbena Leaf, Ginger, Vanilla Bean and Amber can create a spa in your shower with some lovely aromatherapy.

Our Tea Infusion Sugar Scrub contains all of these ingredients for a super, unisex, spa experience your skin will love. 

What about those salt scrubs we keep hearing about?

Salt can add extra conditioning

Jojoba beads create a wonderful light exfoliating experience

Botanical powders of rose and lemon powders add a wonderful astringent quality.

If this salt scrub sounds like your idea of the perfect mini-spa experience to start your day on the right foot, while treating your skin well, click here because we've taken got you covered (so to speak).




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