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I think we're all glad that summer is right around the corner and beach weather is upon us. With the change in the seasons, though, comes a skincare routine that needs to change, too. Gone are the heavy winter creams and lotion bars; it's time for lighter lotion cleansers, hydrating, but light creams, portable face make and soaps for vacations, and lip balms for your purse, your nightstand and your beach bag.

Let's take a look at our summer skincare essentials here at Second Spring Naturals to show you what keeps our skin feeling moisturized and gives us that healthy sun-kissed glow.

• First up is our lotion cleanser. It's made with botanicals like green tea, aloe and cucumber. It has a super light foaming action created from natural ingredients like corn and sugar beets for those who want their skincare to also impact the environment with a lighter footprint. 

The botanical lotion cleanser is unscented and formulated for gentle skin. It moisturizes as it cleanses, and even though it is gentle, it still does the heavy lifting and removes make-up well.

• Once your skin is feeling soft and clean, the hydrating facial cream is our next recommendation. This super moisturizing properties of Hyaluronic Acid in a powerful blend of 5 oils - avocado, sunflower, grape seed, almond and olive - in a rich, velvety, smooth cream. You can't go wrong with this gentle cleanser.

• And if you really want to treat your skin, what better way than with a face mask in a powder form that is easily tucked away for travel without the worry of liquid. It has goat milk powder for moisture, rose kaolin clay and a combination of two more skin-loving clays that make this a combo your skin will truly soak right up.

top it all off with a lip balm in a variety of flavors. Our lip balms are formulated to be super gentle, but also really pack a punch when it comes to moisture. They contain shea and cocoa butters, sweet almond oil and lanolin, but a healthy dose of Vitamin E. 

Grab yourself a bar soap in the scent of summer. Watch for our Day at the Beach and Bohemia soaps releasing soon- and you're all set for vacay.


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