The Best DIY Exfoliating Scrubs

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The Best DIY Body Exfoliating Scrubs 


If you’ve been looking for the perfect exfoliator, chances are, you’ve come across at least a few sugar scrubs in your search. Sugar scrubs for the body are incredibly effective at eliminating dead skin cells and leaving your skin especially soft and healthy. 


They also create the perfect self-care ritual, allowing you to take care of dull, rough skin patches and relax with a feel-good product and soothing scents. You can use your scrubs on your full body a few times a week to get the maximum benefits and maintain super hydrated skin year-round. 


While there are countless sugar scrubs on the market, you can actually make your own using ingredients you probably already have at home! The process is super simple and quick. 


Here’s the perfect recipe for an easy DIY body scrub for exfoliating. 



1/4 cup brown sugar or powdered cane sugar
1/8 cup of sea salt
1/4 cup of oil (liquid coconut or jojoba oil will absorb best, but use whatever you like)
15 drops of any essential oil combo (our favorite is a combination of lavender, sweet orange, and vanilla for a sort of sugary crunch!)



  • Mix the sugar and salt together. 
  • Add your essential oil mixture and your quarter-cup of oil. 
  • Mix well, and store in a glass jar. 


One quick note: since there are no preservatives in this recipe, if your scrub gets wet often (for example, if you drip water in as you scoop some out for use), it will become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This recipe should be used for home use only and often works best in small batches that won’t get wet.


If you’d prefer a longer-lasting version that combats bacteria, there are major bonuses to a store-bought exfoliant body scrub. The whipped sugar scrub we offer at Second Spring Naturals is our absolute favorite, and it contains a skin-safe, natural preservative to protect against bacteria. It comes in four great scents: lemon poppyseed, cucumber yogurt mint, honey/apple/champagne, and rose/lemon/ozone. The first two options are more energizing and invigorating, while the last two are more soothing and relaxing. 


Another key benefit of our scrub is that it’s emulsified, which means you’ll get all the moisturizing benefits of your oils and butters without the greasy separation you might encounter in other scrubs. There’s nothing worse than dipping into a new sugar scrub only to dig through inches of oil separation before you get to the product itself. You won’t find that here! 


Last but not least, we love a dual-use product, so our scrub incorporates a whipped soap to allow you to scrub and wash at the same time. Win, win! 


Check it out here to get a jar for yourself (or a loved one—they make a great gift!), or try out the DIY recipe above if you’d prefer to make your own batch. Either way, you have the perfect relaxing ritual ahead. We hope you enjoy!


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