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Here at the local Soapery within Brandywine Massage & Wellness, we are happy to be able to collaborate with experts in skincare, wellness & holistic healing in order to bring tips from the team to you via the blog and facebook group.

Today's tip is for Better Skin - from the Inside Out.

Whatever it is that plagues your skin, rest assured, what you put inside of your body goes a long way to creating that healthy, blemish-free glow on the outside. We love our creams and lotions here at Second Spring, don't get me wrong, but healthy skin starts inside. That is something we all agree on.

What can you do to eat better for healthy skin?

  • Nourish your healthy gut bacteria.
  • Decrease the amount of bad bacteria, or at least try not to feed it, by eliminating foods that it thrives upon (think sugar, processed food).
  • Remove things like too much alcohol from your system and increase leafy greens.

What types of food feed the good bacteria?

Foods containing polyphenols, for one: leafy greens, turmeric, green tea, nuts like almonds and walnuts, black tea, blackberries, mulberries, and probiotic-rich food like kefir.

What to avoid? The usual suspects like processed foods, and even raw legumes--cook those beans.

Simple food is a great way to re-set your body and maybe even make your skin look better so that you can enjoy these creams into a ripe old age, while you feel and look like a teen at heart. 


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