Top Ten Benefits of Going All Natural

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As society becomes increasingly informed about the ingredients in the products we buy and use on a regular basis, more and more consumers are switching to natural products in their homes, and for their families.

As informed consumers, we’re opting to replace products like soap because we want to know where large-scale commercial products are coming from, and now small businesses are offering solutions, especially in the form of answers to our questions from a real person who knows their products.

Let’s talk about ten of the best reasons to start going all-natural with your bath & beauty routine…

  • Ingredients. One of the very best reasons to use handmade soap is the ingredients. Not only are the ingredients easy to spell and identify, most handmade soap is made of vegetable oils and butters that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients essential to healthy skin.

  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin. Often, when using natural handmade soaps, people find that not only did the soap improve their skin, but it helped relieve itchiness, dryness, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Everyone wants healthy skin, and daily use of skin-care products with natural ingredients is the best place to start if commercial products have irritated your skin in the past.

  • Real Soap. Although it’s called “soap,” but mass-produced commercial stuff from the grocery store is anything but real soap. The array of personal cleansers to choose from – deodorant soap, body bars, body washes and the “beauty bar” are all just chemical cocktails made of detergents and synthetic ingredients that dehydrate and age skin, cause allergic reactions, and have even been linked to various forms of cancer.

  • Glycerine. Commercial soaps also separate the glycerine from soap for other uses, often in more expensive products like lotions or to sell to other manufacturers, rather than leaving the humectant in the soap. Glycerine is a precious emollient that softens and maintains water balance by attracting moisture to your skin. Natural soaps made with the cold process method always retain all their natural glycerine, and create a rich luxurious lather which the skin loves.

  • Variety. They say it’s the spice of life, and all-natural handmade soaps give you more options than you can even imagine! No matter your skin type or personal preference, you can find a natural soapmaker who can create just what your skin and senses need. Don’t be afraid to ask soapmakers questions about their products, or let them know what you are looking for, if you have specific preferences.

  • Eco-Friendly. You’re diminishing your carbon footprint and helping the environment every time you choose to use natural, handmade bath & beauty products. Buying natural handmade soaps save you from the worry that toxic chemicals are going down the drain and hurting mother nature. One less thing to worry about.

  • Healthier Body. Your skin is your largest organ, absorbing all sorts of chemicals, vitamins, and minerals from the skincare you put on it. While research is still being done to determine whether artificial additives are ALWAYS bad for your body, there are so many fantastic natural body products that there’s no reason not to choose handmade natural soaps.

  • Clean. Natural beauty products leave significantly less soap residue and wash very clean compared to commercial products, so skin is softer, better moisturized, and less prone to irritation.

  • Quality. Fortunately for us, our skincare is something we have in our control. The good choices, the ones that give us the best health and quality we desire, are totally within reach. Handmade, natural soaps give you the kind of ingredients that commercial beauty product manufacturers charge an exorbitant premium for, but for prices that work with any budget.

  • Detoxify. Even science backs up the fact that bathing is one of the most systemically corrective things you can do for your body. A bath can reduce not just chemical toxins, but mental and emotional stress as well. As you scrub with natural soap products, your dead skin layers slough off in the water and you remove innumerable pollutants and metabolic waste products that have been collected there. We need to purify our skin more than ever these days. Toxins that are found in the skin nowadays include, but are not limited to: benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, styrene, deodorant, car exhaust, hydrocarbons, smog, household chemicals, perfumes, cosmetics, heavy metals (including mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, lead, and nickel) dust mites, fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, parasites, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and hormones. Natural-ingredient handmade soaps not only rid your skin of these toxins, they replace them with nourishing and moisturizing oils, botanicals, and minerals.

Have you tried natural soap yet? Especially if you are someone who has used a mild, detergent-based (unscented) soap for years, handmade soap is just waiting for you. Try the real thing today!


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