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I haven't blogged here in a while, probably because I became less interested in writing about product ingredients and much more interested in telling stories. As women, we relate to stories, and sometimes we even learn from them. It all comes down to connections. There are some amazing synchronicities that happen when we are following the right path, but I'll get back to that.

Last weekend I took a quick weekend trip with my mom and my sister to an Inn by the ocean. We are getting back to these trips now that I have opened time in my life to do the things I love, which includes my new work life. It turns out that there really is time to do the things you love and it is possible to love what you do. I wish I had learned this sooner, but...no regrets.

I still consider Second Spring Naturals new and exciting because every day brings new opportunities, but now I can more effectively manage my time spent running by business and even get help when I need it. In fact, I have hired some local moms on a contract basis to help me grow, and it is wonderful. Now they have a job that allows them the flexibility to do what they love, raise their kids and work from home.  Connecting with them happened during a meeting with some women over dinner at one of our favorite stock lists. We were chatting, I mentioned a need for help and...synchronicity.

Back to the weekend trip, and the reason I am writing this post, though. Going on these short trips is a big part of my self care. My mom and sister and I used to take them once or twice a year. My favorite time is spent in a quaint town or at the beach. I love to walk along the shoreline during the off season and have tea in a victorian setting. Who doesn't love that? So this little Inn was calling to me.

Years ago I was too busy working so much and spending every free second I had with my husband and kids that 'time for me' never even entered my consciousness. It was how I thought life was meant to be, and that maybe others just got lucky. What a twisted way of thinking, but hindsight....

Then I turned forty and decided to chase a dream of mine since childhood...because this was a turning point, a crisis point really. When else would I do this? If at all. So, I jumped in.  I started my business. I kept teaching during the first years, so I was working even more hours, but the business felt so fulfilling that it didn't matter.

And then, after a while, I did what scared me most and left the security of my full-time teaching job to teach part-time, online, from home, which opened up more opportunities to utilize my twenty years of experience in education and still run my business.

It was during this critical moment that I found I could still love teaching, and also open up a whole world of travel again. I learned I could also be a mother who is really available and also to have the house that all the kids want to go to, and I love that. In fact, I am cherishing these moments all around.

When I was at the shore this weekend, I experienced another synchronicity. While I was using their dining area to work, I met the executive chef of the Inn who approached me because my work 'looked interesting to her.' We talked, shared some ideas and she asked a lot of questions. All before everyone else came down for breakfast. It turns out, she is an attorney who also changed careers around the same age that I did. She said she never looked back. I can relate.

We talked, swapped cards and connected. That's the best part of this 'business' of mine, this new life that I have allowed myself to enjoy: the connections with other women. That's what I want to share here, those stories. So I think I will.

Stay tuned.

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