Why Givers are Abundant People

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It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Givers are abundant people.

This is a simple and powerful truth.

I don't mean that you set out to give for the purpose of getting something in return, either. So let's get clear around that part.  Give to give. Just help someone.

Those who give for the purpose of giving are likely to lead more fulfilling, abundant lives --because that’s what they put out there, and that's what circles right back to them. It is safe to assume, then that these same individuals are likely grateful for what they have.

They are also the same people who take the focus off of what they lack in their lives by immediately shifting that focus to giving to someone else.

Here are some examples:

• Money is tight, so rather than feel the strain or stress about it, you give a little to someone who is in a far worse position than you are. 

Money is what we think of first because it is what our primary resource or means of exchanging goods or services; however, you don’t have to give of money.

• If you are pressed for time, give of your time. Let someone go ahead of you in traffic. 

• If you are frustrated by what you don't know about something, help someone by teaching them something you do know. 

You get the idea. The little things add up to the consistent behaviors that change the way we act, see the world, receive energy and abundance, and feel about our own lives. It's an energy shift, plain and simple.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself this question:

How many miserable givers do you know?

Giving is directly connected to a happier life.

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