Experience Glowing Winter Skin with a Rose Clay Mask

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 Step out of the dry skin overwhelm for just a moment and let's think about simple steps you can take right now to change up your routine this winter. We know there are too many products out there and you're tired of trying, well--all of them-- in your search for the perfect solution to your skin care woes. Here's the thing, if you're looking for something new and exciting to change-up your skincare routine this winter, or maybe even revolutionize your facial-care routine all together, keep on reading.

Let's get started with what you can do right now to stop the overwhelm and get to simple, natural solutions to your winter skincare routine:

From lotion cleansers as an initial step in the skincare routine, to the optional use of toners and serums, skincare offers so many options that we often left with a sense of overwhelm. In reality, what we are looking for is a simple way to get the benefits of great skin with simple steps that save time - and money.

Let's face it, once the signs of aging begin to show, it's too late to turn back the clock. Skincare starts early and is a must in every woman's routine, but it doesn't have to be yet another source of stress in our lives, at least it shouldn't be.

One way to dive into a new routine is to start small. Sample new products and decide what you like. Another is to just choose one thing. We often recommend our rose clay mask as it has been a favorite among customers since we introduced it.

What makes it different?

1. It's a powder, not a paste, which gives you more product for your purchase 
2. Extended shelf life with no preservatives when in powder form
3. Lasts much longer and goes farther
4. You can add your liquid of choice! Use water, milk or aloe gel!

Our Rose Clay Face Mask provides gentle exfoliation as it draws the days' stress from your skin. The goat milk adds so many beneficial nutrients to the skin while also providing a wonderful feel. The clay allows the mask to harden and then exfoliate as you rinse and gently scrub it off. It comes in a powder form to allow for the addition of either water or even a serum to create the desired consistency.

Try it today!



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