You know Affirmations are Magical, Right?

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The magic of affirmations

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.” – Mark Twain

As creative, aspiring human beings we have this wonderful gift of language that affords us the ability to to communicate with those around us, express our thoughts and feelings and craft our own thoughts & dreams. The careful thought with which we select those words, however, can mean the difference in someone else’s day and, our own.

If you follow along with my email group, you have already thought about that story you have been telling yourself in the past and decided you want to rewrite the narrative. Now you can shorten that new story to create real impact, put some magic behind it. It’s time to use language to craft the life, your future, your everyday decisions and more.

You have to believe.

First, that anything you want to become or achieve is possible; that your dreams are attainable. Second, that the only thing that limits you is your own belief that you can’t do something. 

Tell yourself

Remind yourself

Affirmations are useful ways to do this and they don’t have to be all woo woo. They are tools.

Say it - Write it - Read it - Repeat

Belief seeps in.

It’s the Belief part that makes the magic happen, but you can’t make yourself believe, right? You have to set yourself up for it, so that it almost happens subconsciously. Having the words in front of you often makes them natural and a part of your every day. Once you have told yourself something often enough, you start to believe it. Look what happened with those negative stories? It takes a little time to turn them around, but it works.

And another important note:

You don’t have to know HOW something will happen; you just have to know that it will come to be. Not even, that it can--that it will.



Take your new story, that one you want to see come to fruition, and create a short intention out of it:

I will_______________________. (Be specific.)

That’s your intention.

Say it in the morning.

Put it somewhere you will see it throughout the day like a magnet on your desk or fridge.

Say it until you believe it.

Do what you can to make it happen and watch for the opportunities.


Free affirmations and many other pdf downloads are available within the online Vision Board Workshop that I run. Have you set your intentions for the year? I can't wait to hear all about them.

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