The Story behind My Second Spring

When I think about my own story and how I ended up here, I suppose it has been a sort of crunchy, natural --organic evolution if you will, but not in the way you might think.

Second Spring Naturals began the summer after my 40th birthday when I decided to visit the essential oils and formulations I had explored during my college years...but never allowed myself to think about as a possibility for a line of work.

Basically, if you have ever been in a place where you wanted to add a little cCarrie, Owner of Second Spring Naturalsolor to your world, you might understand where I am coming from. All I knew back when I started this journey and career change was that I wanted to lose the shades of beige and gray that permeated my wardrobe and my daily routine. I needed to live a little louder, experiment with more color and...take some chances.

For me, it had come down to a need for change. While I still identified very much as an educator and a bit of a rule follower (there isn't a label that doesn't follow FDA guidelines in this shop!:), I was itching to break away from what I knew, and even the natural look of the products I loved no longer resonated. I knew I needed to focus on myself, desperately, so I did it the only way I knew how: I created my own products to match my new mindset and outlook.

You see, while I love to get my hands into the dirt of my organic garden, I'm also just as likely to throw on funky dresses and coral lipstick these days to match my toenails. My roots run wild, much like the natural waves in my hair, but so does my sense of adventure. And I can't help if calendula, aloe, oats and avocado oil might speak my love language, but I will be the same girl to crave a streak of summer blonde for a different sense of satisfaction.

That girl needed to emerge and I'm glad she did. It would have been a crying shame had I never been given a chance to meet her.

Second Spring Naturals is full of the natural products I have always adored, but there will always be a pop of color or a bit of fanciful inspiration in the words that name the labels... because the literature teacher still speaks to me, and I hope she speaks to you in whatever message you might need to hear when you visit. The creams might be excellent, and they are, but they should speak to you, too. Shouldn't they? 

Life is too short not to try that new thing or eat that peanut butter ice cream before yoga class... or even sit with a Starbucks while you study for the class you were always too busy to take. The time is now to take care of you is what I am trying to say. And you may as well pick up a little color or a dash of whimsy while you discover what has really always come naturally in the first place.

"Autumn is a Second Spring when every leaf is a flower. " Albert Camus


Carrie - Founder of Second Spring Naturals


Our customers, women, just like you, are happy with the personal connection, along with the sense of wellbeing the products themselves bring into their lives. That's the idea, right? 

“Wonderful as always!!! I did a partial pre order while waiting for a soap to cure that will be listed soon. Love the Valentine's Day generous grab bag gift. It made me feel very special!!” - Denise T., New York

“This is a wonderful, creamy body and hand cream that soaks well into the skin but is not greasy. The white tea ginger scent is heavenly; very subtle and not overpowering. Highly recommend this lotion. Also, quick shipping on the part of the seller! Would definitely order this again when I run out...”Candace H., Arizona 


Behind the Scenes at Second Spring Naturals




**New products are emerging each day that are formulated by or in consultation with experts, backed by science, and have a solid history of stability and safety. This ensures we are able to expand the offerings in our line, have regular consultations on the safety and efficacy of ingredients and formulations, and offer products you can trust and enjoy while at the same time knowing that the labeling, manufacturing and testing are well within compliance. Natural doesn't necessarily mean safe, so continued education is important. That's a large part of what we do at Second Spring Naturals: stay educated.

Carrie is extending her own education beyond a Master's degree to classes in cosmetic formulation and skin care in the coming years to ensure comprehensive knowledge of all ingredients considered for use. She regularly uses her research skills as a University Instructor to keep abreast of current ingredients and regulations in the industry as a daily practice. 


Photo Credits for slides & Carrie's head shots go to the fabulous & multi-talented Heaven Mcarthur.