Hey, Mama!

It's the perfect time to indulge in a little self care and pampering, wouldn't you agree? 2020 has been hard on all of us, that's for sure.

Now more than ever is the time to take care of yourself, and we're happy to do our part to get you started today with some free recipes. It really is a simple luxury that will bring you lasting results. 


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Enjoy making some of our products that our customers have come to love as DIY solutions to their skincare woes.




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Carrie, owner of Second Spring Naturals, understands all too well the need for self care while juggling work, life and motherhood, which is what brought her here in the first place, so welcome!

2020 hasn't been everything we hoped for, but we can still salvage that fall season we adore by making some tried and true handmade skincare, PLUS you can get started on your Christmas gifts - handmade style! 

Carrie has spent years researching the best solutions to sensitive skin and used her background in research and writing to put together some easy-to-navigate Ebooks with DIY recipes for our customer favorites, and now they are yours - for free: 

• Whipped Shea Butter that is made from the best butters and comes with tips to help you keep the shape so that it doesn't deflate for storage.

• Recipes for sugar scrubs to get you and your skin through the cold season.

• A lotion bar scrub recipe to moisturize and exfoliate at the same time.

•••• As a bonus, you'll receive our bath tea recipe, tried and true for only the best in luxury bathing. 


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DIY Skincare is not only the perfect gift for yourself, but wrapped in the perfect packaging, it makes wonderful gifts for friends, family, teachers and work colleagues.

We sell these recipes, but are giving them away to you FREE. Just hear what our customers have to say:



Today is the day to begin treating yourself well. We're thrilled to help you get started.

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We like to keep things simple. Just like our ingredients.

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