Wellness Consulting for Your Business

Wellness Consulting

Work with Carrie to determine how you can enrich the health & wellness of your employees during their workday. Adding services that serve to reduce stress, help avoid burnout and improve the mind & body creates happy, more productive employees for a thriving business. It is the difference being having to go to work and wanting to be there. Couple this with employee appreciation wellness gifts that are handmade locally and you have the perfect recipe for a thriving business community.


About your Consultant

Carrie is a teacher turned soap making maven who now runs and operates Second Spring Naturals, a product-based business offering luxury soaps, creams and salts designed to help busy women relax. She has enjoyed a twenty-year career in higher education and public school education as a teacher and coach. Additionally, she has trained teachers for the University of Delaware and surrounding school districts, published and presented nationally. She started Second Spring Naturals as a way to relieve her own stress and burnout in 2014 and it quickly grew into a thriving business. Today she  is using her gifts to  create a space for women to achieve the wellness they deserve in order to live a more balanced life. Second Spring Naturals offers a podcast where she interviews women in wellness from around the world to share their stories. She also has a Facebook community where she hosts book discussions and experts in the field of wellness. She lives in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania with her husband and three sons.


How does the process work?

The name of the game is simplicity. There are two components to assist in meeting the needs of your employees: the physical wellness gift of appreciation and the services component via wellness experts.

1. Carrie provides you with a quick survey for your employees in an effort to determine their individual and collective wellness needs & wants in their daily lives and in their workplace. 

2. You provide information on existing wellness programs offered to your employees via a website page or document. This might include something like gym memberships offered to employees, life coaching, etc.

3. Carrie goes through the surveys collected, reviews your website and any documentation on wellness programs that are already in place and makes recommendations for simple ways to enrich the lives of your employees that are also affordable. These will include one or more of the wellness experts and their services below as well as a way to incorporate employee gifts as an added bonus. 

4. You determine which, if any of these, are a fit for your organization and Carrie will connect you with an expert to get you started with a program or workshop and she will set up any employee appreciation gifts through Second Spring Naturals.


Wellness Services Local & Virtual

Services listed below can be delivered virtually and some can be in person for local businesses. Employee Appreciation Gift sets are also our specialty.  By combining some components of the two areas, you can make simple changes that change the lives, mindsets & overall productivity of your employees.


Carrie has made some amazing contacts in the world of wellness through her business and her podcast. She has chosen some of the best in their fields to partner with to offer you services that will set you apart from other companies as you become one of the best places to work. Working with these experts allows for competitive rates and a chance to meet a variety of needs for your valued employees. Once you are set up with a wellness partner,  should you choose to work with one of these women, you will work directly with them for scheduling and billing.


Chair Massage (local)

Holly Pennington - Spa Owner & Expert Massage Practitioner of 25 years

Breath Work & Meditation Expert


Grace Chinn - Breath work designed for relaxation delivered virtually all the way from Switzerland

Counseling Services

Dr. Katie Bowman - Licensed Psychologist and Executive Director of New London Counseling Center, Katie has found a way to not only offer therapy to those who need it most without the limitations of financial strain, but also to bring her community together through her non-profit organization in New London, PA.

Burnout Recovery Coach

Michelle Connery - From a high powered accounting position to a burnout recovery coach, Michelle has been there and now helps others avoid the mental, emotional and physical health challenges that burnout brings. Michelle lives in Nova Scotia, Canada & visits virtually for sessions.

Time Freedom (and management)

Britt Bolnick - A successful owner of several six figure businesses, Britt is a master of time management and teaches time freedom through her book.

Virtual Yoga and Confidence Coaching

Caroline Wong - Caroline serves clients virtually from Florida and is trained  in yoga, hypnotherapy, energy and crystal healing, confidence coaching and business organization.


Certified Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian 

Adrianne Delgado - local to Pennsylvania, Adrianne is a certified nutritionist and dietitian who delivers sessions on optimal nutrition and weight loss. 

Human Design Charting

Kerrie Campbell - A specialist in human design, a process that charts a person's path much like a holistic knowledge system that is in place to help one make better decisions after understanding our individual personality traits and quirks.

Financial Wellness

Debra Ohstrom - Debra has worked for several well known global financial firms and now provides you with the knowledge you need and the actionable steps to take so you can achieve your financial goals. With her wealth of experience in finance and investing, she is here to empower you and make understanding money a breeze. She offers coaching for women through a course or corporate coaching for organizations.


Employee Appreciation Gift Sets 


Affordable, Customized Gift Sets designed with handmade wellness items and a personal note card for your employees. Any occasion is a good occasion to send one to show your employees or team members you care, but birthdays are always a special touch. Some companies have chosen to send items for the following reasons:

• Welcome Back from maternity leave

• Relax during Rehabilitation

• Birthdays

• Employee Appreciation

Each gift is delivered in a glossy white gift box with organza ribbon and contains some or all of the following:


Female Gift:

• handmade card with your message to the recipient

• Bath Bomb and or

• A shower steamer in Serenity, a blend of relaxing essential oils

• One of our handmade soaps in a choice of Calm, Balancing Act, Energy, Best Day or Comfort

• Our handmade lip balm 

• A mini succulent soap


Male Gift:

• handmade card with your message to the recipient 

• Weekend Edition Soap in beer, oats & coffee

• True Gentleman Soap in an earthy blend of patchouli, tobacco and leather

• A shower Steamer in a relaxing scent blend

• A bourbon lip balm

Local Businesses get gift sets delivered for free! 

All others are shipped at reduced rates.