Second Spring Naturals

4 ounce Whipped Soap

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Get ready to relax with a little me-time for your bath. Whipped Soap is your sudsy spa treat for the shower or bath with a combination of skin-loving oils, a touch of oats, calendula oil and the foaming goodness of whipped, creamy soap that acts like a bath butter.

Use your whipped soap with a soft sponge or pouf or to latherand suds and get ready to kick back and soak your way to better days ahead.

This whipped soap comes in a 4 ounce jar and will last for over 15 baths/showers. You only need about a tablespoon for your whole body!

Featured ingredients: oats, calendula, buttermilk & grape seed oil.

Calm - Lavender

Wild - Sugared Citrus & Mountain Greens

Hippie Chick - Patchouli Blend

Hello Beautiful - Soft, Sweet Floral

Energy - Apple, Mango and Lime

Playful - banana and kiwi

Comfort - vanilla sugar

Best Day - Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon and Tangerine

Don't wait too long for your foaming whipped soap. These are made in small batches and never stay on the shelf long!