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Bath Bomb Cupcakes

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Enjoy  bath bomb cupcakes that feature something unique: a whipped soap frosting that foams and lathers, creating two products in one. With the added touch of oats, calendula and buttermilk, the frosted top serves as a soapy treat to last several baths. The base of the cupcake is a bathbomb with goats milk, kaolin clay and a touch of skin-loving oil, just enough to moisturize, but not so much as to create a slippery tub. Bath Bomb Cupcakes are two products in one foaming, fizzy spa retreat for your bath.

Featured ingredients your skin with adore:




*Kaolin Clay

Scents available:

*Wild - sugared citrus and mountain greens

*Calm - sweet, relaxing lavender

*Hello Beautiful - soft, citrus & light floral

*Hippie Chick - patchouli blend

Bath Bomb Cupcakes create the perfect spa retreat for your bath-time relaxation routine.

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