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Bath Bomb Cupcakes

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Looking for something unique to add to the fun for guests at your next event or shower? Enjoy  bath bomb cupcakes that feature something with a bit of a...twist. Your guests will love the natural goodness of a beautiful bath treat that features two products in one with a little sparkle to top it off.

Cupcake 411:

Is the topping actual icing, like some of those I see on the internet?

Absolutely not. In fact, the whipped soap frosting foams and lathers with the added touch of oats, calendula and buttermilk.

What is the base of the cupcake made of?

The base of the cupcake is a bathbomb with goats milk, kaolin clay and a touch of skin-loving oil, just enough to moisturize, but not so much as to create a slippery tub. 

Is there any color or scent?

There is a light color from mica in the topping, but not the base. The scent is also not overpowering in both the base and the topping as these are added to the bath and, like all of our products, designed for potentially sensitive skin.

Featured ingredients your skin with adore:




*Kaolin Clay

Scents available:

*Wild - sugared citrus and mountain greens

*Calm - sweet, relaxing lavender

*Hello Beautiful - soft, citrus & light floral

*Hippie Chick - patchouli blend

Bath Bomb Cupcakes create the perfect spa retreat for your bath-time relaxation routine or let them make you the talk of your next event.

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