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Bath Bombs with Shea Butter

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You work hard and play hard and now you're looking for a way to up your bath-time game. Bath bombs are like the intersection of fun and relaxation with oils, salts & butters packed into one lovely bath experience. Kept in a jar, a collection soon becomes a source of beautiful relaxation and inspiration for a rest-filled night or energizing day ahead.

We won't coat your bath in color or flood your tub with oils. These bath bombs are made for relaxing and soaking your troubles away,  not scrubbing your day away after your bath. 

Pick your passion according to what calls to you.

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4 ounce Bath Bombs come in:

Lavender for relaxation

Blackberry Vanilla for familiar comfort

Pink Sugar for a touch of fun

Patchouli for grounding

Sandalwood for getting in touch with your earthy side

Birthday Cake for gift-giving

Energy for starting your day with a burst of citrus (& touch of glitter)

Romance for floral enchantment

Monkey Farts:) for a little fun with fruity banana, colorful punch!

Your bath bombs with shea butter are waiting. Are you ready to treat yourself today?

Are the products ORGANIC?
We strive to use organic oils whenever possible in our soaps, but as soap making is a process that brings together oils and a mixture of sodium hydroxide (lye) and water (distilled in our case), the overall effect of any soap is a new product made from sourced raw materials, and we will not claim our soap as "organic." We will also not make claims as to the effect of any ingredients we use. We prefer to use ingredients we trust, list them on the label, and allow our customers to make their own determinations. In addition, we use essential oils as often as we can, but will occasionally use phthalate free fragrance oils in some soaps. For ease of labeling and in accordance with FDA guidelines, we list our scents as "fragrance."

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