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Vision Board + Goal Setting Package

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It's the full Vision Board Workshop - $57 value! I have developed over the last year, and taken a class to teach:) This will repeat in July for a mid-year recharge.

Vision Boards have been used for years to define and manifest dream lives; whether you are a handmade business owner, a CEO of Fortune 500 companies or an influential leader like Oprah it works the same way.


What is a Vision board?

  • It is a visual representation of your goals for the upcoming year that serves as a reminder you of what you want your life to look like, without a doubt.
  • It is a decision to set some serious intentions and make the changes you want to make.


How can it make a difference in your life?


  • Identifies and reinforces your intentions and goals in a visual way
  • Helps you process those goals over and over again subconsciously


What makes this Vision Board Course different?


  • You’ll get a whole set of workshop modules on goal-setting to get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like in the next year so that you make a board that is in line with your true purpose and vision.
  • You will receive bonus materials such as affirmation guides, maps, worksheets and other visual guides to help you work through the lessons before you ever create an actual board.
  • There is an option to help you use a digital version with apps so that you can supercharge your vision board, or even create a version to use on your phone to carry with you through your day.
  • A fully guided meditation to prepare you for digging deep and creating an amazing board to naturally empower your best year yet.


What you receive:

• loads of pdf worksheets to accompany the goal-setting section of this package

• a guided meditation to help you get achieve the perfect mindset needed to do your board and begin manifesting your dreams!

• video guide + sample vision board workshop video

Ready to get clear on what you REALLY want in life and see their dreams begin to manifest? I have seen it time and time again using my own vision boards and want to share this with you.  One thing is for sure: the magic moments found in the workshop as you create your boards create ripple effects that will stretch far beyond your workshop experience.

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