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Face Mask & Body Care Set - You Choose

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Natural facial care has never felt so good on your skin. This listing provides a variety of options to treat the delicate skin of your face to the botanical benefits of a lotion cleanser, hydrating cream and nourishing face mask.

Lotion Facial Cleanser - a creamy delight with the benefits of a lotion and the thorough cleansing power of a gentle cleanser. Ingredients include chamomile, cucumber and green tea + aloe. Sugar beets help provide a gentle foam. 8 ounce pump bottle.

Hydrating Facial Cream - 5 oils + mango and shea butter combine with the botanical goodness of chamomile, cucumber and aloe with a finishing touch of hyaluronic acid for the best feeling skin you could imagine. 4 ounces.

Face Mask - rose kaolin clay, goat milk powder, fullers earth clay and more create a powdered mask that is gently exfoliating, moisturizing and cleansing. The powdered form gives you more in a compact 2 ounce jar.

Hello Beautiful Soap - 4 ounce goat milk soap with rose kaolin clay

Hello Beautiful Body Cream - 4 ounce shea butter cream in soft citrus & floral scent

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