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Foaming Whipped Soap

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Get ready to relax with a little me-time for your bath. Whipped Soap is your sudsy spa treat for the shower or bath with a combination of skin-loving oils, a touch of oats, calendula oil and the foaming goodness of whipped, creamy soap that acts like a bath butter.

Use your whipped soap with a soft sponge or pouf or to latherand suds and get ready to kick back and soak your way to better days ahead.

Featured ingredients: oats, calendula, buttermilk & grape seed oil.

Calm - Lavender

Wild - Sugared Citrus & Mountain Greens

Hippie Chick - Patchouli Blend

Hello Beautiful - Soft, Sweet Floral

Don't wait too long for your foaming whipped soap. These are made in small batches and never stay on the shelf long!

Are the products ORGANIC?
We strive to use organic oils whenever possible in our soaps, but as soap making is a process that brings together oils and a mixture of sodium hydroxide (lye) and water (distilled in our case), the overall effect of any soap is a new product made from sourced raw materials, and we will not claim our soap as "organic." We will also not make claims as to the effect of any ingredients we use. We prefer to use ingredients we trust, list them on the label, and allow our customers to make their own determinations. In addition, we use essential oils as often as we can, but will occasionally use phthalate free fragrance oils in some soaps. For ease of labeling and in accordance with FDA guidelines, we list our scents as "fragrance."

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