Soap Bag
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Soap Bag

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Soap Bags are more than a wash cloth and may help your handmade soap last longer. If you only have five minutes of pampering during your morning routine before the rush of a busy day, we want to help make it count. Our Soap bags have been designed, cut and sewn by hand in our studio. They are both adorable, and also functional in that they are made to fit our bars and prolong their shower shelf life.  The terry material doubles as a soft wash cloth to lather yourself free of worry and stress.  

These pretty spa-like white soap saver bags are light and soft, around 3x4, but may vary individually by a fraction or two as they are made individually, so each is indeed unique. They come with a chord tie to hook onto the shower caddy for convenience and have a flip-top cover. 

*Soap not included. Soap bag only.