Second Spring Naturals

Soap Ends Sampler Set

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Soap ends make a great sampler set when you just are not sure what amazing scent you would like to try. With this soap end set you will receive one of each of our customer favorites. Soap ends make a wonderful Christmas, birthday or even housewarming gift. And don't forget travel! Choose your favorites and take them on vacation for easy packing and a little spa-like treat while you're in the airbnb.

What you will receive with this order:
• 10 soap ends weighing between 2 and 2.5 ounces each in a  box
• a brand card to tell you about our business

Need a card with a message? Let us know in the note at checkout and we'll turn this into a lovely gift for you!!

Scents you COULD receive as new scents are being added and older scents removed.

• Best Day - lemon, bergamot, tangerine and grapefruit

• Empower - mint blend

• Morning Routine - oatmeal, milk and honey
• Balancing Act - white tea, mint and ginger
• Baseline - tea tree and aloe with activated charcoal
• Energy - apple, mango and lime
• Calm - lavender
• Wild - sugared citrus and mountain greens
• Walk in the Woods - vanilla, oakmoss and cedar
• Soul Candy - amber, jasmine
• Sensitive Soul - unscented goat milk OR Hello Beautiful in soft citrus and floral

• Imagine - honey, champagne and apple

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