Second Spring Naturals

Soy Candles - Hand Poured

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Inspirational 'quote' candles in 8 ounce clear jars hand-poured, 100% soy wax that make the perfect gift.


Choose from the following:

Calm - lavender vanilla with quote "It's all about the calm in the Chaos" - Donna Karen

Comfort - Vanilla Cake with quote "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. " Jane Austen.

Celebrate - Strawberries & Cream "It's the friends we meet a long the way who make us appreciate the journey."

100% cotton wicks that are free from lead or metals that provide a clean and consistent burn. 

Fragrances are the highest quality available, sourced within the US and certified to be free from nitro musk and phthalates. 


Our wicks are 100% Cotton, free from Lead or Metals, providing a consistent, clean burn.

**Tops will be plain silver as supplier was out of our ribbed tops temporarily due to pandemic shipping and shortage issues***


More fragrances coming this spring!