Body Scrubs - Spa Day in a Jar
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Body Scrubs - Spa Day in a Jar

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Get ready for kissably soft skin! Spa Day Scrubs offer all of the essence of a spa visit with lemon powder and sea salt, rose water and jojoba beads. 

Our salt scrubs are composed of sea salt and emulsified with with shea butter and contain some wonderful elements like: Rose water, lemon powder, Japanese genmaicha tea, verbena leaf, jojoba oil and beads and essential oils. 

Here's a review from a recent customer:

I have super rough hands due to santiser and repetitively having to wash my hands…Used the scrub this morning and my hands are still smooth!! This is huge! I love the consistency of this because others have oil that settles on the top and it's honestly a little gross. This is wonderful. Thank you!

Spa Day combines with rose, lily orange lime + jojoba beads  in a refreshing sea salt base

Approximately 9 ounces each

Create a spa in your shower with our Spa Day Body Scrub and feel the goodness all day long.

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