Second Spring Naturals

Succulent Gift Box

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Send a box of succulent soaps to the plant lover in your life, or to someone doing some bathroom renovation. Who needs a reason to receive a box of succulent soaps? 


What you will receive with this box: 

•Roughly 23 Succulent soaps in varying shades of green scented with a fresh, clean scent.
• The soaps vary in size from the size of a quarter to roughly the size of a plum.
• You can even personalize this as a unique gift to someone in the space provided on the inside of the box. Just leave a message for us to add at checkout.

Ingredients include buttermilk, oats and calendula for a soft cleanse if you decide to actually use them as soap.

The white box is made of sturdy material for protection and is 9x5x3 

Leave a personal message on the inside of the box. We will ship it for you, too. Just be sure to change the shipping info at checkout.